The Real Star Rocco Reed in his 100th movie

Posted by admin - October 28th, 2014

roccoreed3As a member of Men it is great to see our favorite hunks, like Rocco Reed from – who you might remember just made his 100th movie, appear on a regular basis. It is also great to be the first to see new guys make their debut on screen. This is the case with Mens latest film from Big man toys At School, In A Perfect World. In a perfect world most horny gays would have attended this school; since that didn’t happen, this film is the next best thing.

Matthew Hunter is the new boy at school. This slim, blue-eyed boy is best described as cute. He describes himself as versatile, and open to anything. Hayden Richards, a veteran in the industry, is paired with Matthew in this simple story. The scene starts with Hayden and a friend sending text messages back and forth about this new guy and how hot he is. Of course, they are talking about Matthew. This friend is telling Hayden that he plans on having fun with Matthew after practice tomorrow.
The next scene is in the locker room, after practice the next day. Hayden and Matthew are the only guys in the room; Hayden’s friend is nowhere to be seen. Hayden starts flirting with Matthew as the two hunks stand there wearing only shorts. He gets the new guy to check out his muscles, by actually flexing them and letting Matthew feel them. This feeling muscles soon turns to both guys touching the other with a different intent. It’s easy to see both boys are aroused by the bulges in their tight shorts.

Feeling muscles and torsos soon turns to feeling leg muscles. Hayden assures Rocco Reed that it is quite alright to feel that tight muscle in his shorts. When Matthew does so, Hayden is quick to remove his shorts and let the rookie get to work giving him a blowjob. Matthew wastes no time and gives Hayden head for a long time… good and slow. Matthew removes his own shorts and stands there wearing nothing by a jockstrap.

Rocco Reed removes the jockstrap as the hot action moves to the bench. There he gets back to work on Hayden’s swollen organ. As he works that 8 inch cock deeper and deeper into his mouth, his hands continue playing with Hayden’s nuts. Rocco about swallows that man toy and presses his lips to Hayden’s trimmed pubes without making a sound. Next thing we know, Rocco Reed is flipped over and his ass is getting reamed fast and furious by the experienced Hayden. Cum flies as both men reach climax and let loose.

In A Perfect World has an amazing ending which leaves you wanting to see more of these two guys together. Learn more about Rocco Reed – click here

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